Watch: UFC star Israel Adesanya goes on expletive-laden rant after brash Aussie heckler asks if NZ or Nigeria is home

Israel Adesanya has bickered with a heckler who stole the show with a megaphone at yesterday’s media conference in Melbourne for the Kiwi UFC fighter’s showdown with Robert Whittaker at UFC 243.

After Adesanya told the Whittaker supporter, who was waving an Australian flag, that he couldn’t hear him, the fan located a megaphone to continue heckling the Kiwi, who initially applauded the move.

The fan continued later in the conference, asking the Nigeria-born Adesanya whether New Zealand, or Nigeria was home, prompting an angry response.

“Home is where the heart is, I have Africa with Nigeria tattooed on my chest for a reason, look at my skin, my skin is f------ black, do I f------ look like a Kiwi to you?

“Listen ---, at the end of the day, let me school you on some game, I grew up in Rotorua, I spent six years there, I grew up in Whanganui, I spent four years there, now I’m in Auckland.”

“Whenever I fly from anywhere in the world and I see the Sky Tower, my heart races cause I’m excited to be home.”

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