Watch: 'I think we owe supporters some beers' - Burling takes the blame for error that let Artemis almost rip win from Team NZ in nail-biting finish




Team New Zealand's helmsman Peter Burling made it clear at today's press conference that it was his "stuff up" that almost cost his team a win against Artemis Racing, in today's final race of the America's Cup challenger series in Bermuda.

After overtaking Artemis Racing down the fourth leg of the course, Burling came close to blowing a huge lead against the Swedish syndicate.

"I think we definitely owe a few supporters a few beers or something like that," joked Burling.

"A few guys in the team said they lost a few years off their lives watching that."

The race went right down to the wire with Team New Zealand only just getting their noses in front at the finish line, thanks to the leg power of their cyclists.

The young Kiwi helmsman was quick to put his hand up and admit he was at fault for the poor finish.

"It was definitely my stuff up, pretty simple we just missed the layline.

"We were planning on going through the gate and going on for another ten seconds past the gate and then gybing back to the finish," said Burling.

The layline is an imaginary line projecting at an angle corresponding to the wind direction from either side of a racecourse marker, that defines the best sailing angle for a boat to fetch the mark or the finish line.

New Zealand have a 4-2 lead in the series final against Artemis.

"We missed the layline and we weren't quite ready to gybe back and hadn't really accelerated out of the gybe.

"It just shows you just how tight this racing is, you make one little mistake and a big lead turns into nothing."

Team New Zealand can wrap up the Louis Vuitton final tomorrow, needing just one more win to take on old rivals Oracle Team USA. 

"We are just really happy with how the boys dug really deep and managed to get that board down, get foiling again to get us to the finish a couple of seconds ahead."

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