Watch: Teenage Irish jockey nearly thrown off horse, goes on to win race in miraculous fashion

An Irish jockey has astonished horse racing fans by winning his race after being thrown off his saddle. 

Jack Kennedy clung on for dear life after getting bumped off his saddle following a routine fence jump on Robin Des Mana at Clonmel.

The 18-year-old showed his determination to avoid falling from the six-year-old gelding, which paid off as he recovered to weave his way through the pack and win the race. 

"I was a little bit embarrassed that I got thrown out of the saddle so I said I'd better try and stay on him!" said Kennedy after winning, reports the Telegraph. 

"It was a silly little mistake and I didn't really fancy getting galloped on so I did my best to stay on him and thankfully I did.

"I was lucky the railing was there because I would have been out of the race if it wasn't."