Watch: Team New Zealand want North Shore course for 2021 – 'If the Cup's here, that's where we'd hold it'




Should the 2021 America's Cup be held in New Zealand, then Team New Zealand would prefer a race course on the North Shore, CEO Grant Dalton says.

CEO Grant Dalton has nailed his colours to the mast for the next America's Cup venue.
Source: 1 NEWS

As the team revealed their new AC75 boat design today, the computer generated graphics showed a remarkable resemblance to Takapuna - something Dalton says is no coincidence.

"You can read quite a lot into that, If the Cup's here, that's where we'd hold it," he said.

"The piece in the video is sort of Takapuna-Milford area and over towards Rangitoto and that is exactly where we'd like to hold it."

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