Watch: Super lucky MLB fan catches two home runs in the same innings

There's being in the right place at the right time and then there's unrivalled luck.

A Toronto Blue Jays fan at yesterday's MLB contest between his favourite team and the Boston Red Sox displayed attributes of the latter after he managed to snare two home run souvenirs - in the same innings.

In the top of the fifth innings, Red Sox slugger JD Martinez launched his 35th home run of the season to centre field where the lucky fan happened to be sitting.

With glove in hand, he reached high to taked the catch and happily held on to the memento.

But minutes later, in the bottom of the fifth, Randal Grichuk launched his own two-run shot for the Blue Jays - to centre field.

The fan had to work for this catch, leaning over the railing to make the grab but in the process he earned a second reason for perhaps buying season tickets in that spot for the rest of his life.

And to top it off - the Blue Jays went on to beat the Red Sox 8-5.

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