Watch: SBW opens up about poverty and the importance of giving back ahead of charity fight

Sonny Bill Williams says the Auckland City Mission is an important charity and believes it’s time to repay them for helping him as a youngster.

Williams is set to fight Stu "The Batchelor" Laundy in charity boxing event in Sydney on Saturday which will raise funds for The Exodus Foundation, The Bill Crews Charitable Trust and the Auckland City Mission.

"Where I came from, I came from a housing commission house. Grew up with no wallpaper in the house, so you know I have tasted that side of life," said Williams.

"But you know I'm humbly grateful for what I have, but I understand the platform I have and the position I have in the community. I have a responsibility to give back.

"Funny story when Stu came to me with a proposition and I said 'how about aligning with something in New Zealand,' you know the good man that he is he has jumped at that and said yes.

"Chucked out a few organisations and it just so happened to be Auckland City Mission and that is where my nana worked."

The 33-year-old All Blacks midfielder said things were tough for him and his family when he was younger.

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    The All Blacks midfielder hinted that Saturday's charity event isn't about hurting each other but is about entertainment and raising money for the poor. Source: 1 NEWS

    "When we were young (Williams and siblings) obviously when you don’t have wallpapers on the wall and you don't have too much income coming in the house.

    "My nana, they used to have you know all the clothes and what not that people would drop off and they will give out to the homeless.
    We would rock up once a month and nana would put a little box there for us to get some clothes."

    Williams has had seven professional fights with three wins by way of knockout. He hasn’t fought since 2015.

    "It's quite a nice way to show my appreciation for that and be able to help the Auckland City Mission back in New Zealand as well."

    Williams' opponent was a contestant on the third season of Australia's The Bachelorette and enters the event, named the Banger in the Hanger, with no boxing background.

    The All Blacks star will be fighting Stu 'The Bachelor' Laundy in a charity bout in Sydney on Saturday. Source: 1 NEWS

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