Watch: It’s on! Sin-binned NHL stars leave penalty box to continue wild fist-fight during Stanley Cup playoff match

Two NHL players seemed to forget what was on the line during today's game seven of the Eastern Conference finals after they decided to go toe-to-toe on the ice rink even after they were sin-binned for fighting earlier.

Washington Capitals' Tom Wilson and Tampa Bay Lightning defenseman Braydon Coburn got into an altercation after the Lightning made a save in the first period of the loser-goes-home match, leading to Wilson being restrained by a referee.

They both went to the penalty box for two minutes for unsportsmanlike conduct, but it didn't last long.

Wilson left the box, challenging Coburn to continue their confrontation and Coburn obliged.

The gloves came off and so did the helmets as the pair traded blows until they both ended up on the ground, restrained by refs.

The Capitals ended up winning the game 4-0 to meet the Las Vegas Golden Knights in the Stanley Cup Finals.

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