Watch: Rookie Kiwi freeskier goes from late invite to X Games silver medallist with insane superpipe run

A 17-year-old freeskier from Christchurch has gone from a late invite rookie to silver medallist in the span of 24 hours after claiming second place in an X Games event in the US.

Miguel Porteous claimed an X Games silver medal in the men's superpipe this morning, having only been invited to the competition as a replacement.

He was only able to compete after another skier was injured.

"I just can't really fathom it right now," Miguel said.

"It's unbelievable!"

The result wasn't all smooth skiing though after the youngster crashed in his first run after days of snowy conditions in Aspen made the pipe icy.

"I wasn't really in the right head space to start with," he said.

"I was still feeling a little bit of disbelief about being there and it was cold." 

But he wasn't the only freeskier having trouble.

After the first two runs, only one competitor, Canadian Noah Bowman, had been able to land a full run - his efforts eventually saw him take bronze.

But the young Kiwi had one trick up his sleeve before his silver medal-earning run no one else knew of.

"After the first run I got back to the top of the pipe and just tried to relax. I dance around a bit and listened to a song I like before I dropped in."

The rest was history as Miguel went on execute a strong technical run, spinning both ways down the pipe while incorporating three double flips as well as a left double 1260 to wow the Aspen crowds.

The winner of the event was USA's Aaron Blunck.