Watch: Photographer under fire for making sleazy comment towards female UFC fighter during shoot

A UFC photographer has come under fire on social media for comments he made during a recent photo shoot with a female fighter.

Mike Roach instructed Tatiana Suarez on how to pose during the shoot, at one point telling her to cross her arms and keep her fists down.

"That way we can still see UFC, can still see your assets a little bit."

The comment was met with mixed reactions online where some believed Roach was talking about the 27-year-old's breasts being her assets while others say he was talking about her muscles.

"Wow ... Can't believe that was said aloud," one user wrote.

"Misogyny thinly disguised as a UFC photographer," wrote another.

But fellow photographers were quick to jump to Roach's defence, saying he handled himself with professionalism.

"The photographer is doing his job pretty well, he gives her direction so her muscles (assets) show and makes sure the UFC logo is there, don’t accuse this guy, when to me it seems like a very good job," one Twitter use said.

"As a fellow photographer we instruct our subjects very carefully. This guy is a gentleman, soft-spoken and professional. He knows & does his job very well."

Suarez has yet to comment on the situation.

After the shoot, she went on to beat Alexa Frasso at UFC Chile last weekend to improve to 6-0 as a strawweight fighter.


Watch: It’s on! Sin-binned NHL stars leave penalty box to continue wild fist-fight during Stanley Cup playoff match

Two NHL players seemed to forget what was on the line during today's game seven of the Eastern Conference finals after they decided to go toe-to-toe on the ice rink even after they were sin-binned for fighting earlier.

Washington Capitals' Tom Wilson and Tampa Bay Lightning defenseman Braydon Coburn got into an altercation after the Lightning made a save in the first period of the loser-goes-home match, leading to Wilson being restrained by a referee.

They both went to the penalty box for two minutes for unsportsmanlike conduct, but it didn't last long.

Wilson left the box, challenging Coburn to continue their confrontation and Coburn obliged.

The gloves came off and so did the helmets as the pair traded blows until they both ended up on the ground, restrained by refs.

The Capitals ended up winning the game 4-0 to meet the Las Vegas Golden Knights in the Stanley Cup Finals.



Watch: Japanese American football player apologises and bows to opponent after deliberate cheap shot

A Japanese college football player has apologised and bowed during a press conference after he intentionally injured a quarterback from the opposing team with a cheap shot.

Taisuke Miyagawa broke his silence earlier today over the ugly incident which occurred in a game between Nihon University and Kwansei Gakuin University.

The 20-year-old claims he was acting under his coach's instructions who had ordered him to "crush" Kosei Okuno in his first possible play.

The act has gripped Japan ever since and even lead to Nihon's coach Masato Uchida resigning last week.

Miyagawa said that his coach had told him, "the autumn season would be easy for us if their QB is injured" and agreed to let him play in the game if he agreed to crush Okuno.

As a result, Miyagawa sprints across the field after Okuno had thrown a pass and tackled him from behind, sidelining the quarterback for three weeks with a back injury.

"No matter what I was ordered to do, I still decided to go through with the play on my own, so I must apologise and reflect on my actions," Miyagawa said.

He also bowed to show his remorse for his actions.

"Making the truth clear is a step toward atonement," he said.

"I was weak and could not judge on my own."