Watch: Philadelphia shuts down for massive Eagles Super Bowl parade



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The Super Bowl winning Philadelphia Eagles ended a raucous, emotional rally by giving props to their fans.

Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles thanked the roaring crowds from the Rocky steps at the art museum.
Source: Associated Press

Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles thanked the roaring crowds from the "Rocky" steps at the art museum today, and Jason Kelce gave a rousing lecture on the meaning of the word underdog for Philadelphia.

It was a passionate defense of the coach and general manager and went through all the criticism they have faced over the years.

"Bottom line is we wanted it more. All the players, all the coaches, the front office - Jeffery Lurie, everybody wanted it more and that is why we are up here today and that's why we are the first team in Eagles history to hold that freaking trophy," said Jason Kelce, Eagles Offensive Lineman.

The longest tenured Eagle tight end Brent Celek told the crowd he loved them.

"Hey Philly, I love you," Celek screamed into the microphone.

"Philly I just know when I was drafted here in 2007 there was one thing that all the fans said that they wanted and that was a world championship and today celebrate fact that has a world championship."

Eagles Head Coach, Doug Peterson told the crowd to get used the feeling of being champions.

"We have more to go, more to prove, this is our new norm," said Peterson.

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