Watch: The moment Joseph Parker is crowned Heavyweight Champion of the World after brutal bout with Andy Ruiz Jr


Joseph Parker has been crowned the WBO World Heavyweight Champion after a 12 round thriller against Andy Ruiz at Vector Arena tonight.

The fight started off with dominance from the Mexican heavyweight before Parker found his stride in the middle rounds.

Focused attack on Ruiz’s right eye began to blossom in the shape of swelling and a minor cut towards the end of the seventh.

A hotly-contested eighth round was difficult to split with both fighters landing clean blows and counter punches.

Parker then resorted to the jab in the ninth and a stunning left hook in the tenth saw Ruiz’s aggressive approach of constantly stepping forward suddenly began to fade away.

Entering the championship rounds of 11 and 12, the average Joe would have the scores tied as both fighters began to show fatigue.

The fight then fired up as both fighters desperately tried to score a knockdown to definitively win the fight but Parker looked the cleaner of the two.

Ruiz raised his hand in victory after the final bell, but ultimately Parker’s hand was raised as the WBO Heavyweight Champion of the world with a majority decision by 115-113.

Parker’s victory at Vector Arena makes him the first New Zealand World Heavyweight champion.

Rounds won by Ruiz: 1,2,3,4

Rounds won by Parker: 5,6,7,9,10,12

Rounds close-to-call: 8,11

Parker's trainer has taken inspiration from his late father ahead of tonight's massive bout.
Source: 1 NEWS

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