Watch: IT'S ON! Scuffle breaks out after fired-up Hughie Fury loses his cool with Joseph Parker at weigh-in staredown


No more compliments or playing nice - it's game on for Joseph Parker in his defense of the WBO heavyweight title against Hughie Fury.

Fury caused a small scuffle between camps with his antics but none of it seemed to affect the champ.
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There was plenty of niggling at the weigh-in in Manchester this morning, with emotion finally boiling over after the two stared each other down one last time before tomorrow's bout.

Cousin and controversial fighter Tyson Fury, who was the last boxer to hold the WBO belt before Parker began his reign, was in the crowd with his mates giving Parker plenty of verbal slaps, yelling out "who are ya!" to the current champ.

The WBO heavyweight champ says despite their best efforts, he's as relaxed as ever.
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The two teams seemed to be the best of friends at yesterday's press conference but today it was trash talk and finger pointing.

Fury was determined to get in Parker’s face and rattle him but the Kiwi seemed calm under fire.

Parker said the British fighter took a big gulp when they faced off at today's press conference.
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The intense staredown between the two fighters went on for nearly a minute with Fury's tirade of trash talk to the composed champ winding up both fighters' entourages.

Fury finally broke the tension with a shove which saw a scuffle between the two camps break out in front of the weigh-in stage – Parker remained composed during all the antics.

New Zealand heavyweight boxer and WBO world champion Joseph Parker and England's Hughie Fury weigh in for their heavyweight world title fight tomorrow night in Manchester. Friday 22 September 2017. Copyright Image: Mark Robinson /

Security get between Joseph Parker and Hughie Fury after tempers boil over at their weigh-in.

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Prior to the drama, Parker weighed in at 111kg with Fury at 106kg.

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