Watch: 'Instinctively of course I want back in' - Jimmy Spithill still unsure about competing at next America's Cup

Oracle skipper Jimmy Spithill still holds the loss against Team New Zealand in Bermuda as the driving force for wanting to compete at the next America's Cup, but he is yet to make a decision whether he will commit to another campaign.

Spithill said the loss against New Zealand in June was a tough pill to swallow.

"Instinctively I want to race tomorrow," Spithill said.

"It's sort of like losing a grand final you want to go straight back out there and not get revenge but you want to get back out there and right that result that didn't go your way.

"And that's a really competitive, instinctive feeling inside me."

Spithill, 38, said he would love to compete again in the 2021 America's Cup but believes he will make his intentions known once Team New Zealand announces their new rules and format on November 30 for the regatta.

"On the flipside we've also got to see what are the new rules - where are the goal posts? What's the protocol? What's the boat? What's the format?

Instinctively of course I want back in. I don't want to leave it like that - America's Cup sailor Jimmy Spithill

"Instinctively of course I want back in. I don't want to leave it like that. It's not the way you want to leave things obviously."

The Aussie sailor believes he is still capable to compete despite his age.

"I've still got the health, the fitness and I feel like I've got the skills but obviously I will only ever do it if I can give a team a competitive reason to have a shot at winning."

Spithill credited Team New Zealand's innovation at this year's America's Cup and said they were simply the better team.

"You know we won the qualifiers but the fact is Team New Zealand clearly out-sailed us in the America's Cup and ran a better campaign.

"All you can really do is pay respect to that."

Team New Zealand defeated Oracle Team USA 7-1 in the finals series to win the Auld Mug. 

The 38-year-old Aussie said he's unsure whether he will race with Oracle or another syndicate. Source: 1 NEWS