Watch: Will he go? Stone-faced Jimmy Spithill concedes he faces the chop for tomorrow after mistake-riddled display




Oracle are in discussions about whether to change helmsman for tomorrow's two must-win races.

Oracle's leader faced blunt questions at today's press conference over whether he is the right man for the job.
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Jimmy Spithill was comprehensively cleaned out by Peter Burling twice today, with both pre-start losses having a huge impact on the final results.

At the post match press conference, Spithill's job on the boat - and whether he should keep in - came under scrutiny. 

1 NEWS sports reporter Abby Wilson cheekily asked Spithill, "you're sailing for a technology company but are you having tech issues?"
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"Like I said (earlier), I think everything's on the table, you know, I'll do whatever is good for team," Spithill replied in response to whether tactician Tom Slingsby should take the helm.

"If we think the team's got a better chance with me off the wheel, not a problem, that's always been our attitude.

"Our attitude's always been since day one, you put the team before yourself.

"Yeah, the team we roll out tomorrow, that’ll be the team we thinks gives us the best chance if winning."

Peter Burling remained cool after being reminded of Team NZ's failed 2013 San Francisco campaign.
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Team NZ leads the first-to-seven series six-one.

Racing begins shortly after 5am tomorrow. 

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