WATCH: Exclusive footage shows Team New Zealand flying across Auckland waters using game-changing leg-powered grinders

Team New Zealand are set to revolutionize sailing at the next America's Cup after today unveiling leg grinders in a world first.

1 NEWS today gained exclusive access to see what could provide Team NZ with a critical edge in the America’s Cup.

Traditionally, grinders have always been powered by hand yet now, Team New Zealand has incorporated cycle like mechanisms to produce more speed and energy into the boat.

The boat reportedly features four grinding pedestals on each hull, designed to be less draining on grinders who have to provide hydraulic power to hoist the large wingsail.

The shift from traditional arm work for the grinders to the more explosive option of leg cycling is already being monitored closely by rivals, reports, with an opposition spy boat on the waters yesterday to see the new 50-foot-catamaran.

Whether the innovation will provide New Zealand an edge on the water in this year's edition of the America’s Cup in Bermuda is yet to be seen.

But the feature is a push towards an aggressive title charge after the 2013 debacle where Team Oracle USA caused one of the greatest come backs in the modern sporting era, winning 9-8 after the Kiwis held a lead of 8.

Oracle Team USA will defend the America's Cup when racing is set to start in July 2017.