Watch entire press conference: Victorious Peter Burling, Grant Dalton and Glenn Ashby explain how they did it and what it means

What a special moment for three of the men who helped mastermind the victory in Bermuda. Source: 1 NEWS

'I can't believe we won' - family hears from ecstatic America's Cup sailor

There are extra special celebrations taking place in Wellington, with Josh Junior's family toasting to another sailing milestone.

The 27-year-old was picked for the Emirates New Zealand team late last year as a cyclor following his Olympic debut in Rio.

Josh's father, Dean Stanley, a sailor himself and Commodore of Worser Bay Boating Club where Josh learned to sail, told 1 NEWS "we've got old newspaper clippings when he was knee high to a grasshopper saying 'yeah I’m gonna be in the America’s Cup one day' and well, he’s gone and done it".

The family watched this morning's race from a makeshift grandstand in their living room, showered with confetti and decorated with flags.

Despite all the festivities in Bermuda, they were delighted Josh managed to squeeze in a phone call back to New Zealand, where he told Mum Heleen Viser "I can't believe we won".

A famous old name from the past will be involved in the next America's Cup. Source: 1 NEWS

Jimmy Spithill discloses his "embarrassing" obsession with the Cup. Source: 1 NEWS

Hee had to keep the catch up short, however, informing the family he had to get back to share "some more beers with the boys".

Josh Junior's family are celebrating with confetti and champagne in Wellington. Source: 1 NEWS


Watch: 'I probably shouldn't say this' - Spithill awkwardly lets slip that the America's Cup is more important than his own family

Oracle's skipper Jimmy Spithill opened up after today's America's Cup defeat to Team New Zealand saying, "I think about the America's Cup more than my family."

The overly competitive Aussie skipper apologised to his family for admitting how much he loves the America's Cup. 

"I love this game, I mean I probably shouldn’t say this but it’s a little bit embarrassing but I think more about the America’s Cup than my family, sorry honey," said Spithill.

When answering questions about a possible nationality rule, the Oracle skipper couldn't resist a sly comment about TNZ skipper and fellow Aussie Glenn Ashby. Source: 1 NEWS

"It really is an obsession, it's one of those things that once you've, if you're fortunate enough when you are in a great team and you get to hoist that cup up, the feeling is indescribable.

"It's an amazing thing."

Spithill gave his side a glimmer of hope on Sunday, notching up his side's first win in the finals against Team New Zealand.

"Every day all I have done is just try to put everything into getting the result," he said.

But Team New Zealand's innovation of cycle stations on their vessel proved to be a key part in the Kiwi syndicate's success on the Great Sound. 

"I have to be candid that a stronger team beat us and it is as simple as that."

Team New Zealand thumped the American syndicate 7-1 in the America's Cup finals series.

The Oracle skipper looked beaten as he spoke of his regard for the New Zealand champions. Source: 1 NEWS

Jimmy Spithill discloses his "embarrassing" obsession with the Cup. Source: 1 NEWS