Watch: Enraged MLB player has bat-swinging temper tantrum, pummels team water cooler after strikeout

A Major League Baseball player has taken out his frustrations at striking out in an explosive fashion, opting to deal multiple blows with his bat to a water cooler in the dugout.

Tampa Bay Rays outfielder Carlos Gomez was squaring off with Marlins pitcher Jose Urena when he was struck out.

To make matters worse, earlier in the at-bat Gomez had squared for a bunt but the pitch hit his hand - which in baseball still counts as a strike.

Gomez wasn't done after the water cooler though, turning to a Gatorade jug and delivering an uppercut to emphasise his frustration.

Gomez said after the game that the moment "got the best of" him.

"We are human. We can get mad. It's not we're not professional. It's that moment ... Sometimes you get a moment where you get frustrated."

The 32-year-old's day went from bad to worse with the Rays losing the game to the Marlins 3-0.

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