Watch: The Eiffel Tower lights up as Paris awarded 2024 Olympics



Associated Press

Paris was officially awarded the 2024 Olympic Games - but the French capital's celebrations were dampened by wet weather.

Not even pouring rain could stop celebrations in the French capital.
Source: Associated Press

The top of the Eiffel Tower was surrounded by clouds and a small and very wet crowd on the other side of the River Seine huddled under umbrellas in front of a big screen to watch the International Olympic Committee announcement in Lima, Peru.

The award wasn't a surprise.

Paris and Los Angeles had worked out a deal with the IOC in advance, for Paris to get 2024 and LA to get 2028.

Still, the Eiffel Tower glittered with sparkling lights in celebration after the IOC made the hosting rights official.

Olympic rings were also unveiled and lit up on the Trocadero plaza opposite the world-famous tower.

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