Watch: Blair Tuke gets 'equator-style' bald strip shaved on head from Volvo Ocean Race teammates -'It looks pretty good!'

Kiwi sailor Blair Tuke has been welcomed south of the equator with one of his team's wackier traditions by having a bald strip shaved onto his head.

Tuke, sailing aboard Mapfre for the Volvo Ocean Race this year, 'displeased' King Neptune when he sailed over the equator without any documents.

"They must've got lost," Tuke said.

"I left them on a bunk downstairs!"

As punishment for not having the correct paperwork, Tuke was forced to give up some hair off the back of the boat, leaving the America's Cup winner with an equator of his own to remember his first crossing in the global race.

"I've given a little bit of hair away as an offering," he said.

"I think based off the laughs of the crew it looks pretty good!"

Mapfre and the other boats are headed for Cape Town in South Africa to complete the second leg of the race.