Video: US baseball fan incorrectly lambasted as 'monster' for 'stealing' kid's ball

A US baseball fan who was yesterday widely condemned online after footage of him apparently snatching a fly ball from away a kid on the fence, now appears to have been unfairly attacked.

The adult Chicago Cubs fan copped a barrage of criticism online after footage of him grabbing a fly ball which a Cubs player had tossed to a kid in the front row emerged.

On the face of it, the clip appears to show the man sneakily grabbing the ball from the floor of the stand after the child misses it as it is thrown to him.

Footage of the incident went viral, and Twitter users were brutal in their assessment, labeling the man a "d*****bag" and "monster".

However, NBC Sports Chicago host David Kaplan has come to the defence of the fan, saying he had actually already helped the boy get a ball earlier in the match.

Kaplan said the man had also given away two more balls that ended up in the stands to kids.

"All is well. Guy is A-OK so let it go people," Kaplan said.