Video: MLB camera captures its own destruction after slugger smashes foul ball right into lens

An MLB batsman has given a timely reminder of how close camera operators get audiences to the action during a sports game after he obliterated a camera lens with his foul ball.

Cleveland Indians slugger Edwin Encarnacion is better known for putting balls over the outfield fence, but the designated hitter managed an even rarer hit earlier this week during a game with the Oakland Athletics.

In the fifth innings of Sunday's loss to the A's, Encarnacion ripped a foul ball down the third base line towards the Indians' dugout.

It was quickly revealed by broadcaster NBC Sports that the ball had managed to hit their camera situated at the end of the dugout squarely on the lens, smashing the expensive gear to smithereens.

Replays from the camera involved caught the destruction, albeit too fast to see in normal time.

However, NBC Sports was quick to replace the camera, with a new lens installed the following day.

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