Victorious Black Ferns Sevens star Portia Woodman ready for 'whānau time' after World Cup success

The Black Ferns Sevens have touched down in Auckland this morning after their successful World Cup campaign in San Francisco, and are looking forward to quality time with whānau as they celebrate.

Black Ferns sevens star Portia Woodman said the last 48 hours has been hectic and she says she is still pinching herself after her side won back-to-back world titles with Saturday's victory.

"It's been incredible, we’ve managed to get some celebrations in, get some good time with friends and whānau who came over," said Woodman.

"Spent some time with the girls and just really reflect on how awesome this tournament was but to be honest it hasn't really sunken in until we get home and get amongst the whānau and all that."

Woodman was also part of the Black Ferns women’s XV side that won the World Cup in 2017, as well as Commonwealth Games Sevens gold. 

"We're back-to-back world champions, myself and couple of other teammates even won the XV World Cup last year, it's pretty incredible," she said.

At the Rio Olympics in 2016 the New Zealand women had to settle for silver.

"Looking far forward, we’re hoping to get that 2020 Tokyo (gold), all these tournaments the Commonwealth Games, World Series and World Cup they are all stepping stones towards that," said Woodman.

"I guess now we are on a six week holiday, get some whānau time, refresh the soul, mind, body and then get back for our next tournament in Colorado I think in October, so exciting times – it's only going to get better from here."

The NZ women touched down in Auckland this morning after securing back-to-back titles on Sunday in San Francisco. Source: Breakfast

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