US College footballer stuns spectators with mind-blowing full-field punt

Texas Tech punter Austin McNamara left commentators in awe today, booting a monstrous punt the full length of the football field in his side's win against West Virginia today.

With scores level at 27 a piece, Texas Tech found themselves backed deep into their own half on fourth down, choosing the boot of McNamara to get them out of danger who didn't disappoint. 

Standing in his own endzone, the Red Raider sophomore launched the ball almost 90 meters on the fly, with the ball continuing to bounce on into the West Virginia end-zone until it ended up out of play.

Despite the ball travelling nearly 110 yards, on paper the kick was recorded as an 87-yard (79-meters) kick due his teams line of scrimmage taking place on the 13-yard line before the punt, disregarding where McNamara was standing when the kick was made.

The gravity-defying kick wasn't a one off event either, with McNamara recording a 74-yard kick earlier in the match.

Texas Tech went on to claim a 34-27 victory.