UFC Fighter takes aim at Israel Adesanya from octagon following win

Despite managing to sneak his way into the arena as a spectator for the latest UFC Fight Night in Las Vegas, Israel Adesanya was unable to stay out of the limelight, drawing the attention of USA's Kevin Holland after his win.

Following his first round submission victory over Charlie Otiveros, Holland immediately sought out Adesanya in the empty UFC APEX arena.

Through the cage, Holland directed a series of taunts at the undefeated UFC middleweight champion, with the Kiwi MMA star comfortably snapping back with some taunts of his own, much to the amusement of the commentators.

Adesanya didn't appear to take the insults too seriously however, with Holland sitting well out of his league in the UFC middleweight rankings. 

In a post-match interview, Holland kept the insults coming, putting himself forward as a potential opponent.

"Ex-champ, real soon, If you really want the smoke, let's get this smoke," Holland said.

Adesanya is currently in Las Vegas supporting his City Kickboxing stablemate, Carlos Ulberg, as a member of his corner crew as he takes part in Dana White's contender series.

The 31-year old Kiwi took advantage of the oppourtune timing however, to see UFC great Anderson Silva take on Uriah Hall in what could be his last fight.

Silva and Adesanya went head to head in 2019 and despite their bruising encounter, Adesanya expressed his adoration for the 45-year-old fighter, saying Silva was one of his heros growing up.

Earlier this week Adesanya shared his intention of watching Silva live, expressing his gratitude at the coincidental timing of his arrival in Las Vegas, and the time of the fight.

He shared a screenshot of a private message he had sent saying, "I need to witness the Spider [Silva] live. It is no coincidence that I am here for his supposed last fight."