UFC fighter drops to canvas, lies deathly still after sickening knee to the head puts him to sleep instantly

A mixed martial arts fighter won't remember much of his bout from this morning after he was put to sleep by a deadly knee to the head.

Alessio Di Chirico put Oluwale Bamgbose to sleep in the first fight on the preliminary card at UFC Fight Night Winnipeg when he connected his right knee to the left temple of the American fighter.

Both men kept their distance at the start of the first round but eventually came to trade blows early in the second, leading to the knockout finish.

Di Chirico responded immediately after copping an inside leg kick and a right hook early in the second round to ensure the judges wouldn’t be called upon.

The 28-year-old made his move and landed two inside punches before a knee to Bamgbose's head ended the fight as the American dropped to the canvas face first as his lights went out.