Two more athletes positive for Covid-19 at Olympics

Two athletes were among four residents of the Olympic Village who were added to the tally today of people accredited for the Tokyo Games who have tested positive for Covi-19 this month, bringing the number to 91.

A security man stands on guard at the entrance to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Village in Harumi. Source: Getty

Skateboarder Candy Jacobs of the Netherlands and table tennis player Pavel Sirucek of the Czech Republic tested positive and had to leave the village to enter a quarantine hotel in cases announced Wednesday.

Two additional “Games-concerned personnel” — a category that includes team coaches and officials — staying in the village overlooking Tokyo Bay were included in the 91 total cases listed by organizers since July 1.

That number does not include athletes who tested positive at home before their scheduled travel to Tokyo for events they will now miss.