TVNZ's Peter Lester says American Magic particularly grateful to New Zealand

TVNZ sailing commentator Peter Lester says there is plenty of gratitude towards New Zealand among the American Magic camp as the team returned to the water today following their dramatic capsize.

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American Magic’s Patriot returned to the water today, sporting a Band-Aid decal thanking their America’s Cup rivals. Source: 1 NEWS

American Magic's future in the Prada Cup looked to be in doubt after suffering a hole in the hull of their AC75 Patriot and damage to their on-board equipment after their capsize just over a week ago.

The team were back out on the water today, however, going through light testing as they eye a return to racing this Friday.

The boat sported a large Band-Aid decal saying "thank you" to their America's Cup rivals, but Lester says that the team have been particularly grateful toward Team New Zealand and the nation as a whole.

"For the team it’s massive, because it wasn’t looking good when they capsized the boat," Lester said.

"In fact, I’ve just been talking to a friend of mine from inside American Magic and he was saying without the help of New Zealand and Team New Zealand, this wouldn’t have happened. He’s been very complimentary."

Lester pointed out that the hospitality shown isn't always commonplace in sailing.

"Sometimes its not that sportsmanlike. This time around people have rallied big time, including the New Zealand marine industry."

American Magic will now look to race this Friday in the semi-finals of the Prada Cup, taking on Italy's Luna Rossa. 

Lester says that although he's confident the boat will be race ready, the extensive works to the boat will require extra consideration from the crew.

“They just need to be careful, the way they reintroduce the boat because a lot has gone on, a lot of construction, a lot of electronic damage that has to be recalibrated and reliability is paramount as I’m sure well see on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.”