Tuatara get two ejected after shortstop, manager challenge umpire in loss to Cavalry

The Tuatara's tough start to the new ABL season hit another low last night after a player and their manager were ejected in a close loss to the Canberra Cavalry in Auckland.

Tuatara players grew increasingly frustrated with strikes called by umpire Josh Weschler throughout the game until it finally came to a head when shortstop Josh Morgan was batting with two runners on in a 5-5 ball game in the bottom of the sixth innings.

Morgan was called out on a third strike that looked to be low and inside and as he departed the batter's box, he made sure the Kiwi official knew that.

Weschler didn't take a bar of it and eject Morgan from the match which led Tuatara manager Steve Mintz to leave the team's dugout and defend his player.

Morgan had to be pulled away from the ensuing verbal altercation at home plate by teammates but Mintz soon joined him after he too was ejected from the match.

Knowing his night was done, Mintz made sure to get a few more words in and even threw his hat on the ground before departing the diamond at North Harbour Stadium.

Mintz said after the match he wasn't challenging the umpire's strike zone when he went out to talk but wanted to know what Morgan had said to get ejected, which the umpire wouldn't answer.

The Tuatara failed to capitalise on the scoring opportunity once things settled back down and the Cavalry went on to win the match, leaving the Auckland ABL franchise with a rough 1-8 season record so far.

The Tuatara are back in action tonight for the second game of the four-match series with first pitch set for 7pm NZT.