'I took a swing at a colleague' — Radio personality Martin Devlin apologises for newsroom altercation

Prominent sports broadcaster Martin Devlin has issued an apology this afternoon after a report surfaced of a workplace altercation he had with a colleague last week.

Martin Devlin. Source: 1 Sport

Stuff reported earlier today Devlin reacted angrily to a young journalist in the NZME newsroom who wanted to break a story on his show but wouldn’t tell him what it was about.

Devlin has since issued an apology letter via NZME’s New Zealand Herald in which he admits he “took a swing” at a colleague and also acknowledged “poor judgement” for sending unwanted messages to female co-workers.

"An incident happened at work last week," Devlin said in a statement today.

"I lost my rag at a radio colleague and have rightly been away from the studios while NZME has undertaken a process to investigate and determine what happened and ensure the safety of its people.

"I took a swing at my colleague during a discussion that became heated. While I never had any intention to connect, that's not the point.

"My behaviour was wholly unacceptable, I am deeply, deeply sorry and have apologised to him and my other colleagues who witnessed it."

Devlin also addressed messages he has sent to female colleagues in recent years which have resulted in multiple instances of said co-workers either issuing complaints or telling others they felt “uncomfortable”.

"I also want to acknowledge, that I have exercised poor judgement and have sent unwelcome messages to other colleagues.

“That I felt the messages were innocent is completely irrelevant. It's how the recipients felt that's paramount and I apologise profusely for making my colleagues feel uncomfortable."

Devlin added a thanks to his two sons for helping him come to a realisation in the last week that he needed to do better.

"I also want to thank my two amazing sons for their unconditional support but most of all their brutal honesty in the last week. 'Dad, sort your s*** out,' was hard to hear but the truth I needed to be told. The hardest part of all of this is knowing that I am responsible for the trolling they are about to experience.

"What I have realised is that I'm not a bad person, I have just been in a bad place.

"But I will get through this and become a better man and a better father.

"The words of my own father keep ringing in my ears 'to whom much is given, much is expected'. It is now time for me to step up."

Devlin is set to return to the airwaves this weekend after his absence last week.