Tokyo Olympics postponement may work in favour of Kiwi sailing duo

Postponing the Olympics by a year may just work in the favour of Kiwi sailors Micah Wilkinson and Erica Dawson.

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Nacra 17 crewmates Micah Wilkinson And Erica Dawson have the chance to strengthen their new pairing even more. Source: 1 NEWS

The Nacra 17 crewmates were set to compete in Tokyo 2020, but the extra time now gives them a chance to establish their new pairing.

It had been a long lockdown for Wilkinson and Dawson, while they both coped with their solo home workouts, the time apart only made them miss sailing and each other more.

“So good to be back, got good weather for it, it's been a while so yeah, it's awesome,” Dawson said.

“I guess you could say we are still in the honeymoon phase, we've only been sailing together for less than a year, so we still get on pretty well.”

In that time the pair has bagged a 7th at the World Championships and were also selected for their first Olympics.

Little more than two weeks later that dream was pushed back a year.

“It was a big high and then it was a crushing blow when it got delayed, but you know we look at it as an opportunity we've got another year to progress our skills now,” Wilkinson said.

“It gives us another chance to maybe knock some of the top guys off who have maybe lost motivation.”

Their selection is not affected for next year's games and while they do have training partners here, international competition is still uncertain.

“We kind of hope the world's going to open up later on this year, we might be able to get to Europe we're just going with the flow at the moment, making the best of what is a pretty average situation.”