Timaru ironman competitor has $15,000 custom made bike stolen four weeks out from world champs

Timaru ironman competitor Reon Park had a major setback yesterday in his preparations for competition, when discovering his $15,000 bike was stolen, with the world championship race just four weeks away.

The 47-year-old found out that someone had stolen the custom made bike from his bike room at his house.

"I went for a swim at lunchtime, popped home at 1pm to find both the gates open, which is unusual. I went round the back onto the deck and the door into the laundry and into the bike room out the back was open and there was a gaping hole where this bike should be," Park told Stuff.

Park used the bike on Saturday in a race and had the pedals removed and put them on his road bike, where he used it for training in an indoor facility on Monday.

"It's not as though they can even ride it off down the street because it had no pedals on it.

"There is only one in the country and there is only one painted that colour, essentially it's the only bike like that in the world."

He told Stuff that police believe it was one person that stole the custom made boke from the bike room.

Park has offered a reward of $1000 to whoever returns his bike.

The Ironman world championship is on October 13 in Kailua-Kona in Hawaii.

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