Team NZ boss Grant Dalton says there will be no cyclors at next America's Cup




Team New Zealand’s boss Grant Dalton confirmed in an interview with Italian media's La Stampa that there will be no sailing cyclors in the next America's Cup in 2021.

The Great Sound, Bermuda, 26th June 2017. Emirates Team New Zealand win race nine to win the America's Cup. Helmsman Peter Burling and trimmer Blair Tuke spray Moet Champagne in celebration. Photo: Chris Cameron /

Follow our victorious sailors through central Auckland and onto the Viaduct Basin.

Source: 1 NEWS

Team NZ are set to announce their plans for the next America's Cup next week, with new rules and designs to be released on November 30.

The new innovation by Team New Zealand to add bike stations to their boat was a key design which helped the sailing syndicate win the Auld Mug in Bermuda this year.

Dalton told La Stampa that "grinders are coming back."

He also said that there will be rule changes around sailors needing to hold passports for the teams they are representing. The rule, though, doesn't apply to the design and support crew.

"No, only the sailors, there will be a percentage that must carry a passport from the challenging country," Dalton told La Stampa.

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