Sylvester Stallone praises Tyson Fury for Rocky IV tribute during bout entrance

US action movie star Sylvester Stallone has publicly thanked former heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury for his recent tribute to his movie character Apollo Creed.

Fury, 30, made a successful Las Vegas debut on Sunday. when he defeated German rival Tom Schwarz via second-round TKO.

The British giant had boxing fans inside the MGM Grand on their feet during his entrance, as he danced along to James Brown's hit song Living in America.

He paid homage to the film Rocky IV, in which Apollo Creed entered the ring wearing a top hat and boxing shorts with the American flag on them.

Stallone is the creator of the Rocky franchise and he took to Twitter to thank Fury for his stunning entrance and tribute.

"Thank you to the amazing real life champion, Tyson Fury! It's so incredibly gratifying to see these moments live. 'Yo, it ain't over til it's over!'" Stallone tweeted.

Fury responded saying, "It was an honour."

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