Sydney fencing club incorporates lightsaber duels after it receives blessing as an official sport

A Sydney fencing club is following moves made by the French Fencing Federation to attract more members by including lightsaber duelling in its events.

The Sydney Sabre Club has introduced the iconic fighting style from the Star Wars film franchise after France made it an official sport earlier this year.

Sydney Sabre Club’s Francis Chow says the club hopes to lure prospective Jedi Knights to their ranks with the decision.

"What lightsaber fencing previously lacked was some coherent rule-set so clubs could compete against each other," she said.

"The actions are really huge so they’re flashier and easier for a spectator to see."

The Australian club has tweaked the rules however to incorporate Japanese kendo as well.

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With support from the French Fencing Federation, the new sport is quickly expanding. Source: 1 NEWS

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