'Sport has to be fair' - transgender athlete debate sparks up once more as IOC decide on new guidelines

Transgender athletes are looking likely to compete at next year's Tokyo Games as the International Olympic Committee decides on new guidelines amid fierce debate.

But the new rules are proving a challenge to create with some arguing denying trans athletes the right to compete in the gender they identify with is a violation of their rights while others say they have an unfair advantage.

"We want to compete and we want to do it fairly," transgender cyclist Jillian Bearden said.

"We’ll take whatever measures we need to."

But fellow cyclist Victoria Hood says that gesture isn’t enough.

"They’re born male, they have a male body and that body goes through puberty with that influx of testosterone which then shapes their body," Hood said.

"Just by lowering that testosterone for 12 months – that’s not going to eliminate a performance advantage.

"Sport has to be fair."

Currently, transgender athletes can compete in their chosen sport as long as their testosterone levels are below a certain threshold.

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