Sophie Pascoe opens up about two-year 'low patch'

Sophie Pascoe's schedule is ramping up for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics. However, the Paralympian's training hasn't been the only challenge she's faced over the past couple of years.

Sophie Pascoe Source: 1 NEWS

“I definitely went through a low patch over the past two years,” Pascoe told Good Health and Well Being. 

“I fell into a bit of a hole. It was right before Nationals. It all just got too hard and I wasn’t enjoying swimming, I wasn’t enjoying the black line as much as I used to.”

Pascoe said she has a great support network in her hometown of Christchurch, which has helped her get through.

“It’s okay if we come and say, you know what, I’m not having a great day today. It’s okay not to be okay and it’s okay to talk about it,” she said.

Pascoe has made some positive changes to help her mental health by ensuring she regularly meets up with family and friends.

"Getting that social side elsewhere is really important for me now. Looking at a black line is not the most riveting at times – it's not exactly a social sport," she said. 

She has also incorporated new workouts including mindful yoga. 

"I went through a period where I solely focused on swimming and I didn't have very good balance in my life. Looking back though, I don't regret it because I've learned from it the importance of having things in your life other than sport."

The 27-year-old has 15 Paralmypic medals, including nine golds.