'So proud of being New Zealanders' – Grant Dalton thrilled to bring America's Cup home




Emirates Team New Zealand's Grant Dalton was buzzing at Auckland Airport today, describing the welcoming party of fans as "unbeliveable". 

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"Honestly, it's just fantastic to be home. We're so proud of being New Zealanders."

It was revealed until Team New Zealand won the cup back, Dalton had never been within 50 metres of it. 

Dalton said there is an "overwhelming feeling of pride" to have won the trophy and to bring it home.
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"I didn't think I'd earned that right."

Dalton said he was, "immensily proud and immensely grateful to be part of such an amazing team". 

Members of the Orakei Marae officially welcomed the team home.
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"It's an overwhelming feeling of just pride."

He was happy it was forecast to not rain on their Auckland parade tomorrow. 

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For the first time since 2003 the Auld Mug is back in New Zealand.
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Plumes of water were sprayed onto the Emirates plane to celebrate the team's homecoming and the arrival of the Auld Mug back to NZ.
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Heather Burling was at Auckland Airport to welcome her son home and the rest of his team.
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