Sir Owen Glenn threatening to pull funding after Tokyo 2020 Olympics following NZ Hockey drama

The sporting benefactor said he is "fed up" with NZ Hockey's refusal to release their full independent review. Source: 1 NEWS

One of New Zealand sport's biggest benefactors Sir Owen Glenn is threatening to pull all of his funding after next year's 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

He said he is fed up after a disagreement with New Zealand Hockey, which led him to freeze funding for the sport last month.

"I'm fed up with it so, I'm not supporting anymore sport after this," Sir Owen said.

"Well I finish paying the two million I pay for hockey and the three million to the Olympic committee.

"It will all be over, until something changes."

Sir Owen is still not happy with how New Zealand Hockey refuse to release the full independent review into the Black Sticks women's environment.

"As far as I'm concerned this has tarnished my view of governance in sport in New Zealand.

"I don't think the sport is being run correctly, it's going to get worse."

Sir Owen revealed today that two months worth of funding for the Black Sticks women, has been redirected to former coach Mark Hager.

He said he will honour his commitment to Hockey New Zealand and would resume funding of the Black Sticks women and men's teams for now, but is far from happy with the organisation's leadership.

"I gave them [Hockey NZ] conditions to consider and they didin't, I think the whole thing is a bloody mess."