Sir Ben Ainslie remains humble after INEOS Team UK's dominating performance in testing conditions

Despite clinching their third straight win of the Prada Cup series today, Sir Ben Ainslie still remains coy about his team's miraculous turnaround from their dismal performance at the Christmas Regatta last year.

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The INEOS Team UK skipper said today’s conditions didn’t provide a true read of light air racing. Source: 1 NEWS

INEOS Team UK came into the Prada Cup heavy underdogs, however their performances today and yesterday have saw them become the team to beat after winning all three of their races with comfortable margins.

Today's race in particular showed the team's superiority, with INEOS Team UK's boat managing to find speed among intermittent spells of light breeze while American Magic struggled.

Despite their dominating performance, Ainslie says he is still unsure how the boat will compare to others in different conditions.

"I'm not sure today is a really accurate read to be honest," Sir Ben said.

"Its so puffy, its shifty, its really about just trying to stay in the pressure. So in a more even light air race against the other teams how will we stack up? Still not sure, but it's certainly a huge improvement from where we were three weeks ago," he added.

He did however, recognise the team's efforts, in particular tactician Giles Scott, who kept the team foiling in the mild, patchy conditions.

"Giles did a great job trying to find the breeze, what little breeze there was."

"I actually think it was toughest for the grinders, they work hard all of the time but today their work was that much more intense trying to keep the boat up on the foil."

"Every manouver you know that if you come off the foil, that might be the end of the race."

INEOS Team UK return to the water again tomorrow taking on Luna Rossa in the first race of the day. 

Luna Rossa will then go on to face American Magic for the final race of the second round robin.

Prada Cup Standings

INEOS TEAM UK - 3 Points

Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli Team - 1

New York Yach Club American Magic - 0