Rower Emma Twigg targets one more shot at Olympic gold after 2012, 2016 heartbreak

Kiwi rower Emma Twigg is ready for another crack at Olympic success, having come heartbreakingly close in her last two campaigns.

Entering both the London 2012 games and Rio 2016 as a favourite for a medal, the now 31-year-old finished fourth on both occasions to narrowly miss a medal.

Following the heartbreak, Twigg promptly called time on her career on the water. But she's now looking to end her self-imposed exile for another shot at Olympic glory.

"Having a bit of time away really gave me an appreciation for what it is to be an Olympic athlete," Twigg began.

"I realised I have a limited time to be the best in the world - or try to be the best in the world - at something. I'm going to give it another couple of years and see where it goes, but enjoy being an elite athlete again and the lifestyle that that entails, and hopefully inspire a few people along the way."

While many would wince at the thought of returning to the environment of an elite athlete building into an Olympic campaign, Twigg says that she's been the exact opposite, relishing her time back on the water.

"I'm really enjoying being back in a boat, and part of a Rowing New Zealand environment," she said.

"The training's coming along really well. I feel fit and I'm slowly getting back the feel of the boat."

Twigg also says that, despite her two narrow misses at bringing home an Olympic medal, her return to the boat isn't solely about writing a perceived wrong. She's happy to just be in the frame to compete once again, she said.

"Perspective has given me an appreciation for life as an athlete," she explained.

"It's less about the result and more about everything that goes with it.

"If at the end of the day I could come back with a medal that'd be amazing, and even more to share with the people that have supported me throughout my career."

Having retired after Rio 2016, Twigg is coming back for another shot at Olympic success. Source: 1 NEWS

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