Richie McCaw set to compete in gruelling Coast-to-Coast event

Former All Blacks skipper Richie McCaw is set to compete in next year's Coast-to-Coast event in February, with Adventure Racing teammate Rob Nicholl in the Tandem Team Event.

McCaw welcomed to the world his new born daughter with his wife Gemma yesterday. The 37-year-old has taken part in endurance sports events before, competing in the Godzone event the last few years.

"I'm someone, Rob's probably the same, you need a little goal to keep you training and something that gets you on edge a little bit and Coast to Coast is one of those iconic events that I've always wanted to do," McCaw told Stuff.

"We just thought it might be good to do without putting too much pressure on yourself, like doing it on your own in one day, but by doing it together, I think it's a great event to do that."

The tandem event involves the pair of competitors to complete the course over two days together.

They will need to stay within 50 metres of each other on the bike and run legs while paddling the Waimakariri River together in a double kayak.

The Coast-to-Coast events starts on Friday, February 8, the length of the course is 243 km.

The two newlyweds, McCaw and Gemma Flynn said despite their athletic careers the race was a daunting task.
Source: 1 NEWS

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