Recap: Jimmy Spithill tries to get inside Team NZ's head - 'when you have five days, man, that's a lot of time to make changes'




Re-live all the action from a pulsating day of America's Cup finals action.


That concludes our live updates for today, the press conference has ended , more reaction to come though. We'll bring it all to you. The next race day is Sunday morning. See you then.


Jimmy Spithill: "When you have five days, man that's a lot of time to make changes".


We're in the press conference now. Spithill is defiant, he says "it's not our first rodeo" and he's vowing to come back stronger.

Burling responds, "if we stand still they'll come back and catch us", says Team NZ know where they need to improve the boat and that's what they'll be doing.


For those wanting to watch the press conference, here is the link.


1 NEWS will live stream the post race press conferences of Burling and Spithill coming up.


Spithill responds in his post race, "this is not over". And as Kiwis, we all belive him. But, as it stands, Oracle has huge problems and expect them to try and copy Team NZ's light air foils which are among their biggest advantages.

Live press conferences to come.


Great on the water interview with Blair Tuke, Burling's right-hand man, he's downplaying it all, "the boat's going nicely", "good manoeuvres" and the Kiwis not getting carried away but who expected this? NZ is looking unbeatable at the moment. But now there is a five day break and that's boat development time for Oracle. Who knows what they'll come back with, or what team NZ will do in that time.

But as it stands, NZ lead 3-0 in the race to seven. That's a good spot to be in.


Yip the commentators have summed it up. They say, despite what Jimmy Spithill is telling us, "that was a pounding".


NZ win. A big margin and they to go 3-0 in the race to seven, in the America's Cup match.


NZ flying home, not holding back down leg six. Ashby and Burling totally in sink for NZ. They won't be beaten here. Their lead close to a kilometre.


Oracle need a mistake and they're not going to get one. NZ at 25 knots, Oracle at 24 knots, NZ sailing close to the mark and Spithill and Co. have no answers. NZ round mark five now, they've got  a decent lead and then they'll head for home to take a 3-0 lead.


Around gate four, Oracle's got some time back, it's still 39 seconds and that's over 500 metres and we're getting late in race four. Oracle need something special here.


NZ around gate three now, Burling just relaxed as you like, this is a clinic and NZ have blown this wide open again! Burling picking all the right winds shifts and NZ out again to over 40 seconds. It's a 43 second lead and that's huge. Oracle are back in the distance and it's NZ's to lose - again.


Oracle with more speed here but NZ are higher and closer to the mark and NZ stretching their lead to around 400 metres.


NZ trying to cover here, this is more of a match race. NZ have given up some ground, a more conservative strategy, heading to gate three.


Burling is on fire, he just cleaned out Spithill at the start and NZ lead around mark one. They're flying on the foils and out in front, and they'll lead around gate two as well. The margin  10 seconds.


NZ had a problem in the pre-start, it's fixed whatever it was, now jostling in the start. Here we go, they're away NZ in front but Oracle with better speed.


Gearing up for race four now. Just moments away from the pre-start.


Burling and the team just chilling here. This next race is huge. The potential for a 3-0 lead for NZ would be massive - a big difference to 2-1. As it stands, NZ needs another five wins, Oracle still needs sevens.


Another crushing win. A near perfect start, around gate one first and they pulled away after that.  The winning margin 49 seconds. This next race is nearly a must win for USA. That to go in around 15 minutes from now.


Nearly a head-on crash as NZ went around mark six and USA was approaching it. Oracle goes for a hail mary penalty but doesn't get it. NZ's going to win here, on the way home.


NZ with an average tack cuts their lead to 250 metres and Burling now moving cross to cover Oracle and sail in the same air to prevent any big shifts. It's getting late in the race heading to gate six.


Team USA just falling further behind here, around gate four, this is resembling a blow out like yesterday. It's 48 seconds, about 650 metres, and NZ are home but a mistake will change everything.


NZ rounding gate three now, and they have a substantial lead, and this is a bit of history repeating. NZ need to sail a clean race here, one mistake will cost them but they lead by 32 seconds at gate three.


NZ in control here, they have a 150 metre lead at the top of the course. Oracle nearly lost one overboard there. Heading to gate three. NZ sailing at 28 knots, Oracle at 24, NZ quicker, as we saw yesterday. A little mistake from Oracle in a gybe, Kiwis sailing well, in control.


NZ first around gate two, Oracle split away. NZ by 11 seconds.


Spithill pushing Burling hard in pre-start, they hit the line, great start from NZ. Both teams on their foils.NZ around gate one first. 40 knots for Oracle.


Okay, Jimmy Spithill has gone clean shaven! Looking for a change of fortune? Perhaps. The boats are in the pre-start. NZ with port entry. Crucial for Burling, can he nail it in race three?


Morning everyone, here we go again, races three and four in the America's Cup Match are around 10 minutes away. The big question, was yesterday an anomaly or can Team NZ really turn the screws today with two more wins.

That would take them out to 3-0 and a stranglehold, though Team NZ would no doubt settle for a split.

Wind in the range of 8-12 knots, that's just above the minimum and should suit NZ perfectly. 


The Kiwis have snapped a 10-race losing streak to Oracle, including eight at the end of the 2013 regatta and two in the round-robins this year to etch a one point lead heading into today's racing after two wins yesterday to open the America's Cup match.

It wasn't the cleanest start to sailing's biggest regatta, leaving more questions than answers as both teams headed back to their bases to pore over data and figure out where they need to sharpen up.

Although they won twice, by 30 seconds and 1 minute, 28 seconds, the Kiwis lead just 1-0.

Oracle earned a bonus point for winning the qualifiers, but it was actually a negative point for the Kiwis, so the first-race win merely erased that. That means they need to win eight races total to spirit the Auld Mug back to the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron in Auckland, where it resided from 1995 until 2003.

Oracle needs to win seven to keep the silver trophy in the hands of American software billionaire Larry Ellison.

"We're under no illusions," said Burling, 26. "We've got a lot of hard work to do to keep pushing forward. All the people in the shed back at the base are already going over the boat and trying to get little bits of speed to start throwing at these guys."

Other than the Kiwis remaining fast in light conditions, there's not much of a conclusion to draw yet.

After all, the 2013 America's Cup proved that no lead is safe.

This is a rematch of that epic regatta, when Team New Zealand, then skippered by Dean Barker, reached match point at 8-1 before Oracle Team USA won eight straight races on San Francisco Bay to retain the oldest trophy in international sports.

Still, this isn't the start the powerhouse Oracle squad expected.

"It was obviously a tough day," Spithill said. "Clearly we weren't sailing at our best. But we had our opportunities. We had our chances, but these guys made fewer mistakes. The good news is, we're only one back."

Winds between 10-15 knots are forecast for this morning with the first race set to get underway at 5:12.

Day One Results


Standings after Day One

(First to seven wins)

1. Emirates Team New Zealand 1*
2. Oracle Team USA 0

(*NZL started on -1 after USA won the America's Cup Qualifiers)

Race Schedule for Day Two

ACR3: NZL vs. USA (5:12am)
ACR4: NZL vs. USA (5:57am)

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