Rebecca Wardell cycles from Switzerland to Singapore to inspire young women

Former Olympic heptathlete Rebecca Wardell is back on familiar ground in New Zealand, after she left Switzerland on her bike 10 months ago.

She has pedalled over 1000 hours, visited 18 countries and covered over 18,000 km which ended in Singapore. All for The Long Way Home charity aimed at inspiring young women through sport.

"The best thing about going up Mt Everest is you have to come down," said Wardell.

She didn't climb Mt Everest but she did pedal her 47kg bike up the equivalent of 11 Everest's.

Wardell rode from sunshine in Europe, through places like Iran and Uzbekistan and even snow in China.

"In a lot of countries the first question was 'where is your husband why don’t you have children?', the joke was that we'd come to the countries to look for a husband," Wardell said.

"So we'd go like this [gestures pretending to use binoculars] and they all thought that was absolutely hilarious."

A crash in Iran almost ended Wardell's trip, but after getting four stitches she was back on the road.

While in Turkey the local police escorted her through the country.

"One time there was a lot of hills and obviously going super slow on a heavy bike and the guys were getting a bit frustrated.

"Riding behind, one policeman told me to ride faster so I suggested that maybe he rode my bike and I drove his car."

She was joined by various friends and family members during her journey.

You can donate to The Long Way Home charity through the link here.

The former Kiwi Olympian pedalled more than 18,000 km for the The Long Way Home charity. Source: 1 NEWS

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