The Play: Teen bowler nails ten-pin's hardest shot at US Open

It's the toughest spare for any ten-pin bowler to convert - the dreaded 7-10 split.

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Anthony Neuer left commentators speechless when he pulled off the near-impossible. Source: 1 Sport

In fact, the dread two-pin formation has only been converted to a spare on television three times in the history of professional bowling.

No one appeared to tell 18-year-old Anthony Neuer that though, who in his TV debut at the US Open in Las Vegas stunned the world.

Playing in the semi-finals against second seed Jakob Butturff, Neuer was put in a difficult position after his first bowl broke early and left him with the 7-10 split.

However, Neuer didn’t let the moment get to him and fired a straight ball at the right pin that was still left standing with his second delivery, managing to hit it in such a way it bounced off the wall and back to the left to take out the other standing pin on the other side of the lane.

The moment got a wild reaction from commentators and even though Neuer went on to lose the match, he picked up $17,000 and a new nickname – the Ginger Assassin.

The only way for the junior Team USA star to top it would have been to win the major but that honour went to Ohio's Chris Vye.