The Play: Snooker player slots 'one in a million' shot during world championship qualifier

Just imagine yourself in snooker player Louis Heathcote's shoes over the weekend, three points behind in a crucial frame of a World Championship qualifier in Sheffield.

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Louis Heathcote nailed perhaps the best shot in his career despite insane odds. Source: 1 Sport

Not only that, but you've just been put in a seemingly impossible position, needing to pull off a shot some are calling a one-in-a-million chance.

There’s not enough time in the world to work out all the trigonometry needed on this one so you may as well just hit and hope for the best. 

Heathcote does just that, playing his shot along the bottom cushion directly into the jaws of the bottom right pocket.

But instead of falling, the white ball shot out at an almost 90-degree angle, made contact with the yellow ball midway down the table and all that was left was to watch it roll into the adjacent pocket at the other end of the table.

In true snooker etiquette, despite making the escape of his life, Heathcote met the moment with deathly silence.

He tweeted out after the match against Ryan Day “can’t believe everyone’s saying it was a fluke,” but it’s certainly a shot that may go down as the best in his career.

The only disappointment? Heathcote went on to lose both the frame and the match but he still has that moment to cherish regardless.