Parker admits DUCO split, personal issues affected latest title defence: 'It wasn't my best, maybe 55/60 per cent'


Joseph Parker has admitted the issues revolving around DUCO’s split as well as other personal reasons led to his first world title defence against Razvan Cojanu being well below his standard.

Parker told 1 NEWS a number of outside influences affected his last fight which he won by unanimous decision.

"A lot of it is to do with [DUCO] but a lot of other stuff in the background," he said.

"The performance – it wasn't the best. Maybe 55-60 per cent."

While the Kiwi boxer didn't address the "other stuff in the background", he was honest when it came to talking about his promoters' split.

The WBO heavyweight champ will choose either Dean Lonergan or David Higgins to support him in the UK in the next few days.
Source: 1 NEWS

The 25-year-old needs to decide which promoter he'll continue with, as the much publicised split between Dean Lonergan and David Higgins carries on.

Parker heads to the UK in a week or so, before returning to Las Vegas to train for a possible September title defence in England – he told 1 NEWS he'd have to make his decision before then.

The WBO heavyweight champion says the British boxer is 'noisy'.
Source: 1 NEWS

"I work well with both guys - it just depend on whatever happens, whatever the outcome is once they sort out their things," he said.

"It'll be a very hard decision... we'll found out very soon what's going to happen."

Parker's Mum, Sala Parker, said the family will support whatever her son chooses.

"Whatever the outcome and hopefully it's going to be a healthy one, we are just carrying on with our own thing at the moment."

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