Opinion: Has sport got the power to wash away Rio's reputation?

You may be familiar with a world story running at the moment that features heavily in the narrative; political fallout, fear, high-profile withdrawals, name-calling, sewage, nefarious policemen, construction, races and ratbag Russians.

This is a sporting column so we're not talking about Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and the US presidency.

A month or so ago a dead body washed up on Copacabana Beach where the Olympic Volleyball is going to be staged. 

Sadly, Mt Maunganui had the same problem just last week where they hold their volleyball tournaments. It's the second this year.

But, this was Rio de Janeiro where crime is uncontrollable and rampant and this poor chap obviously didn't pay his cocaine tab to some corrupt cops that threatened to arrest him. 

Or, he had contracted Zika and gone to help clean up the sewage on the sailing course, fallen overboard and suffered a nasty end at the hands of a cheating Russian rowing crew.

Who knows, he could have been the plumber at the Australian team's apartments....

Poor Brazil hasn't had an easy ride in the build up to the Games and the world's biggest vanity construction project has coincided with some genuine tough times for the country.

The place is depressed, downtrodden and financially stricken and has to host a two-week party for what? For our viewing pleasure and to find the world's cleanest and meanest athletes in sports many don't care about until now.

At this rate Rio could prove to be as inspired a choice as Qatar for the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Or Russia in 2018.

Are we all waiting for the house of cards to crumble spectacularly or are we waiting for the pure goodness of sports to wash away the dead body parts on Copacabana?

Not likely. The morbid curiosity will lure us to watch events with Russians in it and we'll turn our 'roid-meters' on.

Any world record broken can't be celebrated until we've checked the B sample. It's like having the TMO on ultra slow-mo.

Jason Lee says he was kidnapped at the weekend and now says there’s a terrifying new twist to the story. Source: 1 NEWS

No one will be above suspicion now and you just know someone with mega star profile is going to take a fall in August.

Someone will be found out as a drug cheat

So, on the field, track or parquet floor, who's even competing?

It's all problems, issues, quibbles and sensational Doomsday content and we'd be richer for putting $5 on the bad news 'trumping' the results for airtime.

Someone will get mugged, someone will be found out as drug cheat, someone who earns millions in endorsements will leave the Games village because there's a mosquito in the compound.

ONE News' Peter Williams has even announced he will have enough cash to satisfy the muggers - it's the unknown that is scary because what is the going rate for Rio? And what happens if the Kiwi dollar is weak?

The veteran broadcaster says he'll be taking "enough cash to keep the robbers satisfied" if he's targeted during Olympics. Source: Breakfast

The only good news is that the delivery of 450,000 condoms made it to the Games village, but someone will complain they've been manufactured from latex procured from the Amazon rainforest.

We can't win.....not until we're pee-tested.

Peter Burling and Blair Tuke accept that there's little they can do about the state of the Olympic courses. Source: 1 NEWS