One of the world’s toughest adventure races is taking place in Southland

From freezing point, to boiling point - that's the reality for a former Scott Base carpenter, who yesterday began one of the world's toughest endurance races in Northern Southland.

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Joey Blatch is one of 28 people competing in the third event of The Revenant. Source: 1 NEWS

Joey Blatch, who spent most of 2020 working in Antarctica, decided to sign up for the third annual endurance race 'The Revenant'.

The race covers about 200km of Blackmore station near Garston, with temperatures yesterday topping 30 degrees.

Competitors are given 60 hours to complete the rugged course, with only three competitors ever having finished it in the event's first two years.

"You go into it knowing the distance and the vertical elevation, but other than that, not too much," Blatch said before starting the race.

Because of Antarctica's climate, Blatch had to do most of his training indoors and on a treadmill.

The carpenter occasionally ran outdoors, but didn't manage to get too far.

"The coolest I ran was minus thirty and I lasted about 4km before turning around and coming back because it was far too cold," he said.

"Anybody that can even think about this challenge with mainly doing the training inside, has either got a bit of a screw loose or they're really, really good," race organiser Scott Worthington said.

Because of Covid-19, this year's race was run without international competitors.

Despite it being a mostly Kiwi affair, race organiser Scott Worthington said it's arguably the strongest field he's assembled.

While not too many people will finish the race, he still thinks two or three could make the 60-hour deadline.

This morning about 3am, Joey and his team mate had to pull out of the race, and several others have also pulled out.

Joey's efforts raised money for 'Heartkids' - a charity to help children with heart defects.

The race finishes at 5pm Sunday.