Olympic hero Lisa Carrington talks Tokyo delay, the 'downs' of her career and never missing a training

Two-time Olympic champion Lisa Carrington has had plenty of highs throughout her career but the Kiwi sprint canoeist is opening up about some of her lesser-known lows in a new documentary series.

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The two-time Olympic champion has released a documentary series about her life and the obstacles she's overcome so far. Source: Breakfast

Carrington spoke about the new series on TVNZ1's Breakfast this morning with host Jenny-May Clarkson, who coincidentally helped on the series with interviews.

Clarkson said one thing that stunned her was learning Carrington had never missed a training in her career although the world champion said that statement may be a little bit stretched.

"I think, definitely in my early days I [missed trainings], probably in high school and that type of thing," a smiling Carrington said.

"But when I started becoming more of a high performing athlete, I learned, 'What if I didn't do this?' or, 'What would happen if I did?'

"It's hard because it's a bit of a balance and I now struggle not to turn up even if maybe I shouldn't but there's always an option - if things aren't going well, there's always a way to make that situation better."

Carrington added that mindset has helped her through the more difficult parts of her career.

"I've learned that I don't have to be perfect all the time.

"It's constant work - it's being aware of my actions, the way I feel and figuring out what's real and what's not and having a purpose."

Watch the interview above to hear more from Carrington about the documentary which can also be viewed here.