'No one wants to see it in Italy' - Tauranga could host 2021 America's Cup 'if Auckland doesn't work out'

Tauranaga is being considered as an alternative to host city for the 2021 America's Cup.

Tauranga Yacht Club commodore Nick Wrinch hosted a meeting with Team New Zealand members Dick Meacham, Kevin Shoebridge and Ray Davies on Wednesday, pitching the idea of considering Tauranga as an alternative host city to Auckland for the America's Cup Challenger series and the America's Cup finals between January and March 2021.

The venue for the event has to be announced by August 2018 and if a city hasn't been decided by then Italy will be hosting the regatta.

Team NZ boss Grant Dalton explains a key part of the 2021 America's Cup rules Source: 1 NEWS

Wrinch spoke to the Bay of Plenty Times and said he was confident of Tauranga's chances of hosting the America's Cup and that building the infrastructure to house the event village at the Port of Tauranga wouldn't be too big of a challenge.

"The guys are very much the type of people who are used to dealing with problems and sorting things out. We look at it and think 'how would you ever do that' and they look at it and go 'let's fix it'. They don't see mountains as big as we do," said Wrinch.

"Look, I still think it is a small chance we would do it in Tauranga but it is a possible chance. The key thing is to have an open mind."

Wrinch said Team New Zealand's delegation team weren't too keen to see the America's Cup regatta move to Italy.

"So they were thinking if Auckland doesn't work out, then have we got other options in New Zealand we could consider. I think that was really the purpose of their trip.

"I think they are also quite keen for the news to come out that they had been in Tauranga. It might just wake the ideas up of a few people in Auckland and not to take for granted that it will be in Auckland come what may.

"If that is our contribution, then it is probably quite a useful one as no one wants to see it in Italy."

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Source: 1 NEWS